Esencia Divina

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The Roses say:

We are the light, we are Love

We represent the love, the virtue, the true

Which each of us contain

The Rose it, is a demonstration of our fidelity given to the Divine

What we really are.

The rose is infinite

The rose has a world of wisdom that is within each

of us waiting to be discovered.

It is our inside.

It is our heart

There settles everything.

Everything truly is.

The rose is purness

The rose is perfection because the rose is the Being

and if Being is the rose there is nothing more to say.

Millions of roses opens every day to tell us that life is endless

here and in all the worlds and all the planet.

This land is blessed

The Light is Grace

That love is the whole truth

Open, close and reopen containing the entire universe symbolism

The Planet acclaims for more light and more love

The planet is expressed through them

They Remember life, remember peace , the offering

They offer themselves for love.

They always did, and we had not got into account.

Roses only are, do not expect anything

Only they know themselves. This is all

It is the same as the Self, do not expect anything. It only is.

When a rose is open, the universe, smiles all

because love is expressed in that small Act


Open, it is the key.

Open, we open conducts, and when we do that the universe is happy.

The bond is made eternal and perfect.

Between that and this

The Roses are girls in this created universe.

The Divine Roses within themselves, show all. In everything and everyone.

The Rose of loving, kindly, are pure poetry.

They are the example and immediate reference.

The rose is no different from us, on the contrary they are equal to us.