Through NATURA VIVA I try to talk about: Transcendence, Goodness, Beauty, Nobility, Sensuality, Strength, Tenderness, Evolution, Transformation, Conciousness, Eternity, Peace, Love, Balance, Harmony, Depth, Size, Celebration, Magnetism, Light, Joy, Magic, Magnificence, Mystery, Preservation, Creation, Ectasy, and Unity. God.

I was always very contemplative. As a child, I spent hours looking at the sky, the trees, the earth, stones, ants and butterflies. I lived always surrounded by a lot of nature.

We are part of nature and it is part of us. We made a Solo, we also are her herself, a Unity.

We are part of the great chain of existence. We live by nature and thanks us. So, valuing and knowing all that, we do the same with ourselves. At times, I learn that everything was put there as a great set, as a great gift for us to just enjoy all its wonders. And that way, see ourself through her, connecting us with her.

Since nature is infinite and eternal, then we are infinite and eternal.

In nature, the normal process of change is in perfect harmony.

Nature just is. IT Is

And for me a source of inspiration and learning.

We should take this great example of it: Being to be, never thought as trespassers to stay in touch with you, if we respect it. We become intruders when you alter its rules. For example, when you kill the animals, leave waste or deforest. Then we created a rupture in its balance, its precise and perfect order. A break in the chain of life that naturally affects us directly all and all …

When we are in contact with it.

We feel happier, more at peace and it is because there is no peace, balance and harmony.

I can not let go feeling the wind, smell the sea and the earth, to hear the sound of frogs, crickets, sea and river. Contemplate the colors, shapes, textures, lights, all this is very moving for me.

To Describe in words, the amount of sensations that I did have, it is a bit límited to me.

One sunset gives me great joy.

Swimming in a river is like being sublime.

It is the pure life.

I feel privileged to be able to capture, with my camera, a few things, that immensity full of feelings and unique moments.

Just take a small part of that. I draw only a fraction of it.

You can see from a million angles, a million times and always will be again and again different.

I can spend hours to take photos of a stone.

Sometimes in an instant I found the perfect place.

A piece of sky and clouds it is simply enough to make a Composition.

I feel smooth when I am in the jungle, at any place I’ve spent so far, some time I lose the sense of fear but always feel the proper respect for it, and I take the natural cautious.

I do not think, so far, that taking photographs of big waves in the sea, will be the one that bring me To the moment.

I would not have to climb Mount Everest, and walk up there, to take pictures of the so hight.

I think that at the end of that adventure, that also makes us intruders. Besides, that defy the laws of nature and ourselves risking our lives. Challenge like that is not harmonious.

A Hindu teacher named Babaji said, a very wise thing : I’m just like a mirror, in which we contemplate . I’m like fire . Do not go too far, because You maigh not receive its heat ; but do not go too close , or you’ll burn . Find out what it is, at the just distance.

It is also the nature or simply the all existence .

For me , every animal , every tree , every flower , every leaf, every stone is a work of art and is an important piece in the chain of life .

I believe that God is a great beautician ..

The same happens with us, because I repeat that, we are equal , we are one.

The learned patterns in our society, are those what does not let us be.

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