Planeta latente

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Planeta Latente

All that is, contemplating that immensity, that beauty is inside you in miniature.

Ana Maria Yanes

Our planet contain us , and us contain it.

We are one. Imagine.

Love all, love yourself , all.

Sri Shaktiananda Ma.

The ancient wisdom teaches us, that human beings live in the body of another move.

From a being, who has chosen us as guests, on an adventure that has known principle, and should not know the end. A living being, a planet beats. All, was created by the Light and its project is Love . With our unconsciousness, we made you forget it.

Today, Ana Maria propose to the planet a love game, it helps it, to remember; for its future … And for our.

Swami Shivananda

The idea that our planet is a living organism, was strong sustained globally theory by the publication of Gaia (1979), a book by J. E. Scientific Lovelock (England, 1920) with which he has created, a state of awareness among human being thinkers of the late twentieth century, and now clamoring for the rights of the Earth. That energy, that keeps alive our world, is what Ana Maria Yanes sends, open views of geographic floors of a planet (oceans, forests, and humedaes sand) with impulses and demonstrations, that ones, that many do not fully understand.

The artist, combines the highly metric visions, with axles razors and then transform it in a digital process. In the final works, dominates one of the first aesthetic plane, the simetry, that seems to prevail in large fragments of the planet , that her presented us.

Luis Angel Duque

And the ecological desire, one of the primary objectives of our contemporaneity , ranging from art to the economic, scientific, philosophical … Will this desire be focus more and more , on the will, of the human species. We are in danger of disappearing, unless a strong global action, Is taken to stop the deteriorating of the atmosphere and the material value that affect our planet. Of course, will not be easy, because you, have to change some values rooted in our cultures. But, for that , it is that we go on with this warning notice, it has been part of the way, we think about every day.

In this sense, the work of Ana Maria Yanes, presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, deepens from the sense of art, beauty, ethics, with her photography, strong concern. The title of the exhibition is fully confirmed: LATENT PLANET. Namely, the planet is a living material that is affected like all living things, from changes that may occur, and simultaneously reactions to these changes.

Surely, we must be attentive to the vital nature, to which we are attached and as a part of this.

Maria Teresa Boulton